Dual function generator and VCA                     (10HP)

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Stereo mixer     (22HP)

4 mono channels, with manual panning 
2 stereo channels with cv panning
Clickless mutes 
1x Mono Aux, 1x Stereo Aux

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Complex Thru Zero Oscillator     (26HP)

Two great tracking analog oscillators, each with a unique signal path and flavour. Complex cross modulations entangle them together, opening up completely new timbral territories.

Each oscillator also has its own Low Pass Filter, which works great to mellow the harsher tones from complex intermodulations.
Features thru-zero Frequency, Phase and Amplitude Modulation.

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Stereo Compressor and Transient Shaper    (8HP)

An analog VCA based feed-forward compressor with a low noise stereo signal path. 

 From squashing drums to sidechaining kicks and sculpting transients, or glueing a mix together, it's a very versatile dynamics manager.

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Side-chained Distortion    (10HP)

Peradam is an analog distortion module with an internal sidechain, like a compressor's twisted brother. The input signal is split up in a main signal that goes into a VCA, and side-chain. The side-chain is first phase modulated, and then ring modulated by itself, to create a signal at twice the frequency of the original. This signal then modulates the amplitude of the VCA, creating complex self distortions in the main signal.

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