Cosmix Pro
High quality stereo mixer designed for live performance, with 4 mono and 2 stereo channels. Features include two AUX sends, clickless mutes, VU meters and lots of headroom.
22 HP
27 mm
Power +12v
170 mA
Power -12v
170 mA


This mixer has been designed to deliver an exceptionally transparent audio quality, boasting a signal path with minimal noise and ample headroom. Internally, the signal path is channeled through VCA's, with sliders and pots only handling handling control voltages.

Its ergonomic yet compact layout provides a wealth of functionality, while retaining a small footprint.

The four mono channels come with manual panning, a dedicated post fader aux bus and a low cut switch.

The two stereo channels are equipped with a CV input for panning control and a convenient 18dB gain switch, providing an easy way to bring external equipment up to modular levels. The left inputs are normaled to the right inputs, making it possible to use these channels with mono signals as well.

A standout feature is the stereo auxiliary bus, identified as AUX 2. This enables you to send a separate stereo mix to effects or other destinations. This aux bus is tapped after panning, so the full stereo image is retained.

This mixer offers both mono and stereo return options, ideal for integrating effects or consolidating signals from submixers.

The gain of each channel can be calibrated independently, with trimmers on the back of the module. The main output level can be easily adjusted using the volume knob.

Each channel has a small LED VU meter to visualize the signal, as well as a performance friendly clickless mute button. These pushbuttons will mute the channel on release.

On the back there are connectors for daisy chaining, or for connecting to future expanders/other mixer units. This functionality is compatible with Cosmix v1.

Available in black or silver aluminium panel.