Function Generator VCA
Delta-V is a dual function generator with a built in VCA's.
Power +12v
70 mA
Power -12v
70 mA
Power 5v
0 mA


Delta-V is a fully analog dual-channel function generator, featuring a dedicated VCA and LFO cycle switch for each channel. It packs a great deal of functionality in only 10HP, and will surely find use in almost every patch.

Generate envelopes, slew gates and signals, or run LFOs with precise control over attack and decay times. Using the SHAPE knob, Delta-v can create a wide range of envelopes, from very snappy exponential curves for percussion to logarithmic thumps for bass lines.

If VCA's input is unpatched, the module outputs a regular voltage envelope. When an audio signal is patched into the VCA input, the output signal becomes the audio signal amplified by the envelope.

Sending othre envelopes or an LFO to VCA input let's you modulate those modulators, quickly creating complex control voltages that go beyong the usual attack-decay envelope.

Combine this with the SUM output, which sums the two channels, and the attenuverters, which can quickly attenuate or invert the signal, and you have a whole array of signal processing capabilities.

The TRIGGER input fires a Attack-Decay envelope, while the SLEW input will affect the rate of change of the signal.
The trigger for channel 1 and 2 can be linked together, so you can fire two envelopes with one patch cable.

Each channel has an End of Cycle output, (EOC) this outputs a short trigger at the end of each envelope cycle.

The output voltage ranges from -10 to +10 volts, set with handy output attenuverters.
The CYCLE switch starts looping the envelope, creating LFO's that go up to audiorate, and that can also be used as an interesting sound source.

There are many ways to utilise Delta-V.
Challenge yourself to explore new, unconventional territories!